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Sound affects experiences as much as design. Weddings. Dining out. Working. Concerts & Events. Imagine the atmosphere of each one. Whether you realize it or not, different ceilings and walls can add interior design value and help with different types of noise reduction at the same time. That’s why your choice of interior finish building materials is so important.

Golden Valley Supply is an independent interior finish building materials supplier with experience in acoustic solutions, sound consulting and Division 10 specialties, proudly serving clients since 1975.

Our company takes pride in supplying interior finish building materials to spaces throughout the Midwest, including sports stadiums, educational facilities, places of worship, office, hospitality, retail and beyond. By supplying material to these various design specifications, we are leaving our footprint in communities and states where we live, work and play. We take pride in not only the projects we work on, but the method we service our clients in.

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Speak with one of our sound experts today.

Not sure what you need?

Speak with one of our sound experts today.

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