Suspension Ceiling Grid

Whether your ideal suspension grid system is economical, aesthetically pleasing or anywhere in between, we have every option to support your project’s design specifications.

A suspension ceiling grid is ideal for use in areas with crowded plenums spaces where installing hanger wires is difficult. If you are looking for a smooth, seamless look for your ceilings, a suspension grid should be on your radar. They are cost effective, corrosion resistant, and meet guidelines for healthcare facilities.

Suspension Ceiling Grid Features

  • Cost effective alternative to extruded systems
  • Corrosion resistance in fire-rated applications
  • Promote healthy environments with a clean, particulate-free sealed ceiling system
  • Provides protection in industrial environments and laboratories where the entire grid system must withstand the rigors of a humid environment
  • Perfect design alternative for high bay areas and large panel modules
  • Unique, economical and simply installed system provides a monolithic ceiling look with every benefit of a standard exposed grid
  • Made with a galvanized steel body that inhibits rust
  • Offers appropriate load-carrying capacities for acoustical panels, light fixtures and air distribution elements
  • Twist resistant, offering a clean look without exposed steel edges, suspension grid is available in a variety of colors to coordinate with ceiling panels
  • Meets or exceeds all national code requirements, including seismic
  • Available with High Recycled Content
  • Can be used in both general and fire-rated applications
  • Quick release cross tees
  • Meets 2010 Guidelines for Health Care Facilities
  • Capable of withstanding cleaning and/or disinfecting chemicals as tested in accordance with ASTM D402
  • Factory-applied closed-cell foam gaskets for controlled-environment rooms
  • Available in all aluminum for high humidity and magnetic-free zones
  • Available in stainless steel for food processing areas and industrial applications

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