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Golden Valley Supply is committed to providing you tools to get the job done. We offer a comprehensive line of accessory products – from adhesives and scaffolds to stilts, lasers and other construction accessories and hardware – to help make your time on the jobsite more efficient.

GVS offers high performance, professional strength advanced polymer adhesive specifically formulated to be used for most types of paneling installations. It has fast grab, a rapid cure rate, trowels easily, is moisture, mold and mildew resistant and contains no water. This adhesive provides as much strength in four hours as urethane or solvent-based counterparts do in 24 hours. Its ultra-quick speed development enables contractors to install virtually any type of paneling on porous or non-porous substrates without fasteners. This VOC-compliant, nonflammable formula is environmentally safe – emitting no harmful fumes and promoting healthy living and working environments.

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GVS carries only the highest quality scaffolds in the industry so you can stand with confidence.

Easily and quickly assembled by one person without tools and stackable to a maximum of 18 feet, we proudly distribute scaffolds that meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI safety requirements.

GVS distributes stilts that set the industry standard for comfort, strength to weight ratio and reliability.

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