Acoustic Solutions for Walls & Ceilings

We are a leading supplier of interior finish building materials, providing acoustic solutions for walls and ceilings since 1975. No matter what your design specifications call for, we are here to serve you. With material custom-made to any shape or size, these architecturally pleasing products can be mounted on walls, on the interior deck, hidden between bar joists, and catered to your project-specific needs.

GVS distributes a full line of sound absorbing wall and ceiling panels that are durable enough for a gymnasium, but beautiful enough for a boardroom.

Our acoustical products absorb a wide range of sound frequencies and are available in custom fabrics or shapes.

Features of Acoustic Solutions for Walls & Ceilings

  • Added acoustics while maintaining an exposed structure visual on the deck
  • Can be mechanically fastened to a wide variety of surfaces including masonry, drywall, wood, trusses, I-Beams and more
  • Meet the most stringent sustainability compliance standards of today
  • Designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors
  • Low VOC, Recycled Content

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Potential Applications

  • Administrative Offices | Classrooms | Convention and Meeting Rooms | Department Stores and Boutiques
  • Executive Areas, Conference Areas and Board Rooms | Galleries and Exhibit Spaces
  • Guest Rooms and Suites | Lobbies and Reception Areas | Mall Interior Spaces
  • Media Centers, Music Rooms and Libraries | Nurseries and Birthing Room | Patient Rooms
  • Accent Areas| Educational | Healthcare | Retail | Restaurants | Hospitality | Gaming
  • Contemporary Office Environments | Entertainment
  • Government | Institutional

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